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Self dumping hay trailer

  • Status: New
  • Description: New 25’ self unload hay trailer. This will haul 5- 5’ wide or 6- 4’ wide rolls. Dump the rolls off the right side east with the long dump handle. Trailer come equipped with lights and has good used tires. We can add new tires for 350 more.  4250.00
  • Model:
    • Size: 25', Price: 4250.00

Hay Trailer

  • Round Hay Bale Trailer
  • Status: New
  • Description: New self unloading hay trailers. We can get single row inline or double row trailers in gooseneck or bumper pull. These qualify for TAEP hay trailer cost reimbursement. 6 bale and bigger single row trailers and 14, 16, 18, and 20 bale double row trailers. Call Chris at Farm Service Solutions for prcing. 931.242.7675
  • Model:
    • Size: 6 bale, Price: call
    • Size: 14 bale, Price: call
    • Size: 16 bale, Price: call
    • Size: 18 bale, Price: call
    • Size: 20 bale, Price: call

Disk Mower Caddies

  • caddy for moving a disk mower
  • Status: New
  • Description: New disc mower caddy makes hooking and unhooking your 3 point mower a breeze! The caddy comes with driveline, hydraulic hoses, and good used tires. For new tires add 375.00. Call Chris at Farm Service Solutions at 931.242.7675.
  • Model:
    • Size: Standard, Price: $4,200
    • Size: Standard w/new tires, Price: $4,575

Yard Aerator

  • yard aerator
  • Status: New
  • Description: Plug and spike yard aerators are essential tools for maintaining a healthy and lush lawn. These aerators penetrate the soil, allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the grassroots. Plug aerators remove small plugs of soil, reducing compaction and promoting root growth. Spike aerators create small holes, improving drainage and reducing thatch buildup.
  • Model:
    • Size: 4' pull type plug, Price: $1,150
    • Size: 6' 3-point spike, Price: $1,400
    • Size: 5' 3-Point plug, Price: $1,550
    • Size: 6' 3-Point plug, Price: $1,7650
    • Size: 6' cultipacker, 9.5" wheels, Price: $1,650

New 10' 3-Point Bush Hogs

  • bush hog
  • Status: New
  • Description: New 10' 3 Point Cutters (rotary mowers). Medium duty 10' Bush Hog greased, oiled, and ready to hook up and use. $3750 plus tax or farm tax number. Other widths available from 4' - 12'
  • Model:
    • Size: 10', Price: $3,750
    • Size: widths 4' - 12', Price: inquire
  • Manufacturer: Iron Craft

Fertilizer spreaders

  • fertilizer spreader
  • Status: New
  • Description: New 3 point Fertilize spreader.  Great for spreading seed, lime, fertilizer. Food plot over seeding and new food plot development. Price is plus tax or farm tax exempt number. Call Chris at Farm Service Solutions 931.242.7675
  • Model:
    • Size: Metal 800 lb capacity, Price: $600
    • Size: Poly 850 lb capacity, Price: $650
    • Size: Pull Type poly, 800Lb, Price: $1,300

3-Point Pasture Drag

  • pasture drag / manure spreader
  • Status: New
  • Description: New Pasture Drag Harrow with heavy duty pipe frame and reversible cast iron star tines. This 13' wide drag will distribute and pulverize manure, prep seed beds, work horse arenas and ball fields, level ground and freshen up gravel drives. Manually folds up to a transport width of  7' 3" and weighs 507 lbs. 2100.00 plus tax. Call Chris at Farm Service Solutions 931.242.7675
  • Model:
    • Size: 13' , Price: $2,100
bat wing cutter

15' batwing cutter

  • Status: New
  • Description: A 15' flex wing cutter is a versatile and efficient tool used for cutting grass and vegetation. Its flexible wings allow for easy maneuverability and precise cutting, even in uneven terrains. With a wide cutting width of 15 feet, it can quickly cover large areas, making it ideal for agricultural and landscaping purposes.
  • Model:
    • Size: 15', Price: $16,995
  • Manufacturer: Iron Craft

10' Pull Type pasture aerator

  • pasture aerator
  • Status: New
  • Description: New Industrias America 10’ pull type pasture aerator. Use to promote water and fertilizer uptake. Adjustable angle will let you minimize soil disturbance or go to near tillage. Call Chris at Farm Service Solutions 931-242-7675.
  • Model:
    • Size: 10', Price: $8,900
  • Manufacturer: New Industrias America

3-Point Bush Hog

  • 3-point bush hog
  • Status: New
  • Description: 6' New Industrias America cutters. 3 point hitch 6' 90 HP gear box and slip clutch protection. 7' and 10' 3 point available. 1600.00 plus tax or farm tax exempt number.
  • Model:
    • Size: 6', Price: $1,600
    • Size: 7' width (special order), Price: inquire
    • Size: 10' width (special order), Price: inquire
  • Manufacturer: New Industrias America