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10' Tar River Hay Tedder

  • hay tedder
  • Status: New
  • Description: The Tar River PRZ - 3100 10' width pull type hay tedder is built heavy duty to withstand the stress of high volume hay production. The 4 x 8 square tubing frame and heavy tine arms make this tedder a unit that will last. A minimum of 15 horse power required. 3200.00 plus tax  Call Chris at Farm Service Solutions 931.242.7675
  • Model:
    • Size: 10', Price: $3,200
  • Manufacturer: Tar River

A 10' hay tedder is a versatile agricultural equipment used to fluff and spread hay in the field. Its compact size makes it ideal for small to medium-sized farms. It helps to speed up the drying process by turning and aerating the hay, preventing mold and improving overall quality.