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Hay Accumulator and Grapple

Hay Accumulator and Grapple

  • Status: New
  • Description: New Maxilator Accumagrapple. 10 bale hay accumulator and grapple in one machine. Skid steer quick attach in stock and other hook ups available by order. Maxilator is the industry standard for skid steer accumulator and grapple combos. It is built by farmers in the US and has a 5 year warranty on material and workmanship. These will make short work of your square bale hauling for horses, sheep, cows, and all your other livestock. 4800.00 plus tax. Call Chris at Farm Service Solutions 931.242.7675
  • Model:
    • Size: 10 bale, Price: $4,800
  • Manufacturer: Maxilator Accumagrapple

A hay accumulator is a machine used in agriculture to gather and arrange hay bales efficiently. It works by picking up bales from the field and stacking them neatly in a uniform manner. This saves time and labor by eliminating the need for manual stacking. Hay accumulators are commonly used in large-scale farming operations.

Specifications of Hay Accumulator

  • Height: 26.5″
  • Length: 97.3″
  • Width: 87″
  • Weight: 940 lbs
  • Hydraulic requirements: One double-acting remote circuit
  • Capacity: 10 bales 39″ x 14″ x 18″ (40 lb as a typical gr hay)
  • Number of hooks: 24