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Skid Steer quick attach Pallet forks

  • pallet forks
  • Status: New
  • Description: Skid steer quick attach forks. 2200 lbs pallet forks with 42" forks for 750.00. 4000 lbs capacity pallet forks with 48" forks for 850.00. 5500lb walk thru pallet forks with 48" forks 1150.00. Hydraulic positioning 5500 lbs forks with 48" forks 2350.00. 6' wide carriage and 6' long 5500 lbs  forks for 1750.00 We also have forks to fit Global Euro attachments and John Deere hook and pin style quick attach. Call Chris at Farm Service Solutions 931.242.7675
  • Model:
    • Size: 2200 lb, 42", Price: $750
    • Size: 4,000 lb, 48", Price: $850
    • Size: 5,500 lb, 48" , Price: $1,150
    • Size: hydro positioning, 48", Price: $2,350
    • Size: 5,500 lb, 6', Price: $1,750

Pallet forks on a skid steer loader have become essential in farm operations. With their versatility, they can efficiently move and transport heavy loads of hay bales, feed, and equipment. The adjustable forks allow for easy handling of different pallet sizes. They also aid in the installation of fencing, lifting and stacking materials, and even cleaning debris. Pallet forks have revolutionized farm productivity.