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Pull-type Box Blade Heavy Duty

  • pull type box blade
  • Status: New
  • Description: New Pull type box blade also known as a Killefer blade or Fresno blade. These are the heavy duty version with larger tires and bigger box capacity. They have 2 hydraulic lift cylinders and a hydraulic tilt.
  • Model:
    • Size: 8' HD, Price: 3400.00
    • Size: 10' HD , Price: 3950.00
    • Size: 12' HD, Price: 4100.00
    • Size: 14' HD, Price: 4350.00

The Killefer blade is a versatile and durable tool used in agriculture for various tasks such as leveling, grading, and cultivating soil. Its curved design and sharp edges ensure efficient and precise cutting, making it essential equipment for farmers and landscapers.