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No Till Drills

  • no-till drill
  • Status: New
  • Description: The SAYA-505 is a 55" and the SAYA-507 is a 78" cost-effective Light Duty No-Till Drill with front coulter package. These drills have a wide range of seed planting capability, from corn to clover seed. This makes the SAYA drills popular with people who want to do food plots with corn in the spring and fall forage later on. You can shut the individual units off to create a wide row spacing if desired. Set up on 7.5" spacing they also work great for seeding in gr pastures.   Model: SAYA - 505, Width: 55", Working Depth:  3/4" - 2", Min. Hp: 30, Rows: 7, Cat: 1&2, Weight: 1036lbs;   Model: SAYA - 507 ,Width: 78", Working Depth: 3/4 - 2", Min.Hp: 35, Rows: 10, Cat: 1&2, Weight: 1,400 lbs
  • Model:
    • Size: 55", Price: $5,900
    • Size: 78", Price: $7,995
  • Manufacturer: SAYA

A no-till drill is an agricultural machine used to plant seeds without disturbing the soil. It helps reduce soil erosion and improves water retention. The drill has multiple rows of seed openers that cut through residue and deposit seeds into the soil. It promotes sustainable farming practices and enhances soil health.