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Front Hoe Skid Steer quick attach

  • Status: New
  • Description: New Jenkins Skid Steer Quick Attach front hoe, back hoe. This heavy duty digger is built to dig through the roughest material and handle logs and stumps with ease. Dig water, electric, and sewer lines with the 12" bucket up to 6 feet deep. Remove old shrubs, stumps, concrete walks etc with the handy thumb attachment. Works on all skid steer quick attach style quick hitch systems tractor, skid steer or loader. 2995.00 plus tax. Call Chris at Farm Service Solutions. 931.242.7675
  • Model:
    • Size: 12" bucket, Price: $2,995
  • Manufacturer: Jenkins

A front hoe quick attach implement is a versatile tool used in construction and agriculture. It can be easily attached to the front of a tractor or skid steer, allowing for efficient digging, trenching, and landscaping tasks. With its adjustable depth and angle capabilities, it provides precision and control in various soil conditions.