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3 point Hay unroller

  • Status: New
  • Description: The Pro Welding 3 point hay unroller will handle 5' x 6' rolls. Great tool to spread you hay for decreased waste and reseeding pastures at the same time.
  • Model:
    • Size: 3 point hay unroller, Price: 1250.00

8' Plastic Feed Bunks

  • Status: New
  • Description: Are you tired of bent bunk frames and missing bunk liners? These all-plastic bunk feeders are your answer. The plastic bunk is double layered for durable lifelong use. No frames to rot, bend or liners to come loose and get blown away.
  • Model:
    • Size: 8' All plastic feed bunk, Price: 140.00

Herd Boss Cake Feeders

  • Status: New
  • Description: The 2715 holds 41 cubic feet of material in a box that is 27" wide, 88" long, and 37" tall. It weighs about 1,000 lbs empty.The 4815 holds 78 cubic feed of material in a box that is 48" wide, 88" long, and 37" tall. It weighs about 1,300 lbs empty.
  • Model:
    • Size: 41 cu ft capacity, Price: $6.950
    • Size: 78 cu ft capacity, Price: $8,950
  • Manufacturer: Herd Boss

Specs for 2715 Electric/Hydraulic Power Unit (12V electrical system) Powerful Hydraulic Drive Motor Hard-Wired Remote-Control Heavy-Duty Wiring Capacity: 41 cu. Ft.. 27″ Wide, 88″ Long, 37″ Tall 17″ Spout Approx. 1,000 Lbs. Empty Specs for 4815 Electric/Hydraulic Power Unit (12V electrical system) Powerful Hydraulic Drive Motor Hard-wired Remote-Control Heavy-duty Wiring Capacity: 78 cu. Ft., 48” Wide @ the Base, 88” Long @ the Base, 37” Tall @ the Base 17” spout 72” Wide @ the Top 102” Long @ the Top 1,300 Lbs. Empty

At Farm Service Solutions we are pleased to be your new Herd Boss Cake feeder dealer. These feeders are the BOSS when it comes to truck mounted feeders! Other than the sheer size what sets a Herd Boss apart is the chain drive feed delivery system. This keeps you from being limited to just feeding dry crushed feed. You can feed wet and other feed like silage, brewers grain, wet cake out of your TMR mixer, cotton seed etc.

With the 2715 model, enjoy a big 41 cubic foot 2000 lb capacity and still have room to hook up your gooseneck trailer. For bigger herds and feed needs, the 4815 model has a 78 cubic foot and 5000 lb capacity. Both models come plug and play with everything needed to hook up and go to work. 2715 model 6950.00 and the 4815 model with 12” side extensions for 8950.00. These are really a different class of cube feeders. Come see them in person and you won’t be disappointed. Scales and trailer mount options available.

24' Hay Feeder Wagon

  • Feed Wagon
  • Status: New
  • Description: New 24' Hay Feed Wagon by Industrias America. The 82R has inside stanchions and a deflector in the center that allows you to feed hay or silage out of the wagon. Heavy 11 ga bottom and sliding hitch for easy hook up. 5250.00 plus tax. Qualifies for TAEP rebate. Call Chris at Farm Service Solution 931.242.7675
  • Model:
    • Size: 24' - 82R, Price: $5,250
  • Manufacturer: Industrias America
double point hay spear

Hay Spears

  • Status: New
  • Description: Single skid steer quick attach hay spears, double spears, and square bale spears. Also 3 point hitch hay spears and replacement hay spears. The single and double have 49" hay spears and the square bale spear has 4 39" spears.
  • Model:
    • Size: Single SSQA, Price: 550.00
    • Size: Double SSQA, Price: 1695.00
    • Size: Square Bale SSQA , Price: 1350.00
    • Size: 3 Point hay spear , Price: 385.00
    • Size: Replacement 49" spears , Price: 120.00

Hay Rings

  • hay ring
  • Status: New
  • Description: These galvanized rings are the heaviest hay rings on the market that I have found for my customers that want something to last. Come physically pick one up and you'll agree! They weigh in at 291 pounds and are 14 gauge.  We also have 2 different weights of galvanized horse hay rings to fit your budget. Economy cattle rings and Century plastic hay rings. All hay rings come unassembled and with hardware.
  • Model:
    • Size: Economy Cattle hay ring, Price: 279.00
    • Size: Heavy Duty Cattle hay ring, Price: 395.00
    • Size: Plastic Cattle hay ring 46" tall, Price: 300.00
    • Size: Economy Horse hay ring, Price: 289.00
    • Size: Heavy Duty Horse hay ring, Price: 389.00
    • Size: Hay Cradle, Price: 519.00
  • Manufacturer: S-Bar Hay Feeder, Heavy Duty

10' Metal Grain Feeder

  • feeder
  • Status: New
  • Description: Top quality 10' Tarter metal grain feeders 14 gauge feed bunk. Can be seen by appointment.
  • Model:
    • Size: 10' 14 Gauge, Price: 325.00
  • Manufacturer: Tartar